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wings stencils set 1 pic 1Give them Wings! stencil set $6 for a set of 7 4×6 stencils

Create unique cards, envelopes, journal pages and more. Add vibrant colors or ghost images. Use them in your monoprinting or canvas work. You could even decorate a tshirt!  These work great as a block out image, or roll them with acrylics and use them to stamp.   Visit our etsy shop for more details!




“Love Blooms”

Mixed Media Panel 12×12

$35 ~ free domestic shipping

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“Always Rejoice” coloring page

available for download on Etsy



garden-flora-doodle-2 “Garden Flora” coloring page

available for download on Etsy


life-began-in-a-garden life-began-in-a-garden2

“Life Began in a Garden” coloring page

available for download on Etsy


sing-a-new-song happiness-shared faith-welcomes-god enter-his-presence dream-wish-believ love-unconditional disappointments

These notebooks are for journaling all of your thoughts for 2017.

The covers have been painted, papered, inked and doodled. The inside of the covers have been lined with book paper from a recycled Children’s bible. Each piece is a unique piece of art and as such contains many imperfections I am sure!! Roll with it…it is part of the process of letting go of perfection!

I hope you will join me this year in journaling your thoughts and dreams each day as we all reach to new creative heights!

$7.50 each

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