The Pages of Nature: an Art Journal Experience

The Pages of Nature: an art journal experience

August 26 – September 30: Saturdays 9:30-11:30 the Almont Park
[6 weeks]

Join in Saturday mornings to learn the peace and joy of the simple practice of art journaling. We will be getting out in, and exploring nature for inspiration,z and focusing on the perfection of imperfection. Art journaling has been described as a contemplative practice that narrows the focus, allowing all else to fall away. Your cares move a heartbeat away as you let them all go in favor of connecting with the creator in you.
Techniques you will explore:
• Watercolor washes
• Sketching on the go
• Block and monoprinting
• Hand lettering
• Drying flowers for collage
• Goache and acrylics for the journaler
• Organic poetry
• Finding your unique style

Each of the 6 weeks can be purchased separately for $25 each, or purchase the block of 6 weeks for only $20 a week {that is a savings of $30 for the whole experience}

Here is the weekly breakdown:
Week 1: Getting Started: breaking the blank page

August 26, 2017 9:30-11:30
Ask any artist, seasoned or not, and they will tell you that the hardest part of creating artwork is getting started. In this first session we will explore the various options of how to get those pages started. Using several mediums we will create backgrounds and “art starts” so that when you sit down to create or write in your journal, inspiration will be right at your fingertips. These first pages will be a spring board for the rest of what we will be doing in the whole six week experience, but can also be utilized as an independent session. You will leave with a great start to your art journal that will make creating a regular part of your day, much easier. Any creative will benefit from the techniques we will be using.

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Week 2: Sketch and Wash

September 2, 2017 9:30-11:30
This week we will be hunting and gathering from nature, then breaking down what we are “seeing” into simple/quick sketches. We will be utilizing flowers, leaves, seeds and pods, as well as other naturally occurring things in our environment. We’ll choose color washes that are true to nature, as well as some colors that are outside the box. Watercolors are a fantastic medium for sketching on the go, as well as one of the most transportable. Don’t miss this week’s inspiration filled workshop.

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Week 3:  Printing from Nature

September 9, 2017 9:30-11:30
In this session we will be exploring the use of several different substrates and gathered leaves and flowers to create unique printed pages in our journals. The process transfers well to card making and many other decorative gifts that you may desire to create. You will be learning to use a gelatin plate as well as Styrofoam, craft foam, linoleum and even vegetables! Come prepared to be amazed at the variety of things you can create on not only paper but fabric as well.

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Week 4: Organic Poetry: creating words of inspiration

September 16, 2017 9:30-11:30
Words are a creative addition to every artistic endeavor. They have the power to lift up and encourage, inspire and heal. Including them in our journals is integral to not only our own hearts but the others whose lives we touch each day. Learn how to be inspired by the things that surround us to create strings of poetry that will not only enhance your journal pages but also your hearts and lives. We will work on hand lettering techniques that will make our pages beautiful as well as inspiring.

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Week 5: Keeping the Bounty

September 23, 2017 9:30-11:30
Drawing and painting what we see in nature is a beautiful practice, but there is nothing like having the real thing! In this class we will create a small press for drying your found objects and discuss other drying options as well as learn how to integrate the natural elements into your pages. Collage techniques will be a huge focus on our pages as well as taking our ideas to larger formats.

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Week 6: Goache and Acrylics for the journaler.

September 30, 2017 9:30-11:30
In this final session we will learn several techniques for integrating paint into our journals with brushes, fingers and even some non-traditional implements and found objects. Adding these two mediums not only brings a richness of color that you would not otherwise achieve, but also adds incredible texture to your pages. There is nothing more beautiful than completing a journal, and if you have been following throughout these 6 sessions, you will get to experience a finished project that will be a launching point to many creative days to come. But even if this is the only session you attend, I promise that you will love the freedom that these mediums will lend to your projects.

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Purchase the whole 6 week experience here: Pages of Nature Master Class

Each of these 6 sessions can be taken independently and basic supplies will be provided, except for the journal. But if you are looking for the whole experience and would love to have supplies to work with outside of these classes, then check out the add-on option below the list of needed supplies, to be outfitted as a master creator!
-these are the things that you will need to bring to class. The techniques that are taught will have supplies for students to use during the sessions except for these three things. Lists will also be given to each student of the supplies we used during the sessions so that they can be purchased separately if desired after the class. But every student should come with these basic supplies:
Workshop Supplies
• Art journal, sketch book, or paper
Watercolor or mixed-media paper is best. The size you choose is also up to you, but you will have the greatest success filling the pages completely if you work with something smaller. I like to work in a 6×18 Strathmore watercolor pad. The paper is heavy duty [140 lb] and holds up to whatever I throw at it.
There are many options at Michaels that fit this category, and many of them reasonably priced. It does not matter if they are hard cover soft cover or kept in a folder. Spiral bound or glued binding are both fine. Regular sketching paper is not great for most of the techniques we will be working with. If you do not bring a book or your own paper, I will have mixed media paper available on site for .50 each piece.

• 1 Permanent ink pen
I like to use Micron pens in .05, .08 and 1. sizes. But you can use a fine tip sharpie if you like or whatever else you have. Just make sure that it is permanent ink. Gel pens are not permanent. If you get the ink wet it will run, and we will be doing some layering with wet mediums.
• Add-ons:
-A water brush is a nice thing to have for painting and sketching on the go. These are simply a brush with a reservoir that holds water. They are also use full if you use watercolor pencils. You can get these at Michaels in the fine art section.
-A couple of jellyroll pens in black and white, or whatever other colors you like, would be nice to have. They are not permanent, but they are great for journaling over paint which we will be doing. These are usually found in the scrapbooking section.

That’s pretty much it.

I will have everything else that is necessary to create your amazing projects and get you rolling toward a healthy art therapy practice! Now, if you want to take your experience  up a notch, I have put together a kit of artist grade supplies. These are what I use and I have never been disappointed. You can order this kit for an additional $38. Here is the list of what is included:
• {1} Strathmore Spiral Bound 400 Series Watercolor Paper Pad, 6×18
• {3} Micron Pens- 2 black sizes: .05 and 1.,1 sepia size .08
• {2} Stabilo Marks-all Pencils – black, white
• {2} Scotch Permanent glue sticks
• {2} X-Large Bull dog clips [to hold the pages of your book open while you are working}
• {1} small pad of tracing paper
• {2} Derwent Pencils for Sketching – hb, 3b
As an added bonus, if you purchase this kit, I will include a zippered pencil case that I created to keep your supplies in, free of charge.
A $52 package all for only $38! If you decide on this option, I will have it available for you on the first day of class unless you make arrangements to receive it ahead of time.

Purchase the Master Creative Kit here

Thanks so much for your interest in this workshop: The Pages of Nature: an art journal experience

I look forward to creating with you soon! lisa