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February Classes:

Thanks so Much!  You are all amazing Artists!!


MARCH Classes:

Vintage Inspired Collage Board (@WESTVIEW Orchards in Romeo, MI) – Thursday,March 13th, 6:30-8:30  $35  {Includes 1st glass of wine/hard cider) -all supplies included

20190131_150959family collage

Please Register by Calling Westview Orchards @ 586-752-3123


Art & SOUL-Journaling Basics – Friday, March 8th  6:00 – 8:00 – $25


Almont, MI (10 miles north of  Romeo – you will receive directions when you register)

Journaling has been used as a spiritual practice for centuries, exploring our heart and soul, and letting those expressions out. Psychologists believe that the simple act of putting thoughts to paper begins the process of manifesting those thoughts as a reality in our lives, as well as help us to work through inner feelings to begin a healing transformation within.

Art journaling takes this a step further, allowing us to express those feelings not only through words but also with color, shape, symbols and abstract notions to bring forth an “inner you” that may not have any other way to be expressed.

In this class we will learn about the psychology of color and build a “story telling” dictionary of our own to use in your journals. We will also explore various beginning techniques of art journaling to begin telling your SOUL story in the pages of your journal.

– all supplies included except for your journal-

Register for Art & SOUL-Journaling Basics HERE                  [class size is limited to 12]


Coming Soon! – Summer 2019 – Art at the Farm

If you are in S.E. Michigan, I will be hosting a few workshops in the farm studio of a friend.  It is an amazing space with lots of inspiration. As of today I do not yet have dates but if you would like me to add you to my workshop mailing list, email me at and I would be happy to send you out a notice when the dates have been chosen.


1. Farmhouse E’criture (info below)

2. HandmadeBooks:the story of you and me (info coming soon)

3. Painting your Soul: discovering the art you were born to create (info coming soon)

4. Gelli Printing at the Farm (dates and info coming soon)

Farmhouse E’critures

This is a new class that I am offering for groups of 6 to 20. You can gather in your homes, churches or wait for an upcoming event. You will create a farmhouse pallet sign with  your choice of size, color, style and inspiration.  These are some of the available choices:

These are just the design options, wood stain and all colors are your choice.  email me at if you would like to host an event.

The cost is $40 a person and includes everything you will need to complete and hang your project. (Southeast Michigan) For western and northern Michigan as well as north west Ohio, please email me and we can discuss the logistics of me coming to you.


Community is an essential part of who we are. the time we spend together is so important to how we communicate and see each other as valuable and loved. Gather some friends (6 to 10 is ideal!) and host a bookmaking party, or explore the joys of gelliprinting, intuitive painting and collage!  For more information, call me (lisa) at 586-242-6131, or email me at

Here are some ideas for a gathering:


Coptic stitch binding – Explore this ancient process of binding pages together into a book. This beautiful chain stitch creates a wonderful gift, or the perfect sketchbook to work in on the go. 

Handmade Japanese bookpaper and bindings – In this class you will create your own book paper like the Japanese artists of old. Suminagashi (Japanese marbling) techniques will be taught as well as a side sewn binding with decorative variations. These are both beautiful and functional works of art. 

Junk journals – use what you have in this “going green” class. Do you hate to thrown things out…especially paper, bags and cardboard? Learn how to utilize your “JUNK” to make one-of-a-kind books that will reduce your personal footprint in this world.

Handpainted refillable book – For this class you will create a unique painting on muslin that will then be used as book cloth. The book will be constructed in a way that you can add and substract pages to your liking, and needs. The pages can be taken out to work on flat, or replaced with whatever substrate you wish to work on for that day.  A great book for the traveling artist.

Gellipaper inspire journals – Monoprinting with a gelli plate is fun, wonderfilled, and addictive….but what to do with all of those pages once they have been created.  make a book of course! In this session you will learn how to take all of those colorful papers and create something unique that can be used as a scrapbook, journal, or art jumping-off point. These are a versatile and fun way to art.


Gelli outside the box – printing on unusual substrates or with unusual items can really take your art journey in new directions. In this class you will explore all the different ways to gelli. From feathers to wood, fabric and items from nature – the exploration never fails to amaze! Create one-of-a-kind pieces of fabric and other elements that can be used to make functional items such as bags, shirts, journals, or wall hangings.


Intuitive LIFEcircles – The Circle is a symbol of completeness, whether referencing a journey, year, or life cycle. In this session, we will explore how this symbol connects to you as an artist, soul-journer, and child of the Eternal. Using the intuitive painting method you will develop a painting/collage that speaks to who you are and where you are going.  This intensely personal class will help you to discover something about yourself by letting go of perfection, expectations, and letting your circle happen.  (This class is best with under 10 attendees and is less an opportunity for community, and more a chance for introspection. 

Painting your Soul – Do you know what your soul looks like?  It is speaking to you all the time…are you listening? This class will guide you through the steps of creating your own personal story symbols that you will use to paint your story. What emerges will be an intuitive look into your soul. Who you are. What you like. What inspires you.  It will encourage you to become who you were created to be.

Painted Canvas bags – As a person who loves function as well as beauty, I am always creating with a purpose. This is one of those classes.  You will create a unique painting on loose canvas and then sew it into a functional bag. This class is two sessions to allow for curing of the canvas. this can be done on two separate days or in one day with a lunch break in between.  Please indicate your preference at the time of scheduling.

The color of you- finding your creative self – The colors you like, love, and choose can say a lot about who you are.  In this class we will use color intuitively to create a personal painting that expresses your inner you, Engage the inner child through free expression with brushes, canvas, fingers and even some out-of-the-ordinary tools. Truly a unique experience for all levels of creatives.

Travel Journal Mayhem – Remember that trip you took last summer? Have you recently unearthed all of that ephemera you collected along the way? Why not gather it all in one place and create a unique viewing experience of those memories.  Many techniques will be taught through the process of gathering, organizing, and creating a travel journal that promises to please. Collage, paint, mark making, sewing….nothing is off limits here.  This class is the perfect all day experience to allow for practicing your technique before putting it to use in your journal. Plan to print pictures ahead of time to integrate into your books.

If you are interested in hosting a gathering with any of these classes, you can email me at Or call me if you would like to discuss your own ideas for a party: 586-242-6131

*Times and costs for the classes will vary depending on several factors including the number of attending artists, supplies needed for your choice of class, abilities of the creative seekers, and how in-depth you would live to delve. We can discuss that! I will work with you to tailor your gathering to your groups needs.

I look forward to creating with you all 🙂

Have a blessed day and a creative week! ~lisa